The Demonstration Plant (DEMO) is the experimental tokamak reactor envisioned to follow ITER and (together with various plasma physics, fusion technology and fusion materials facilities) provide the basis for the design and construction of a first fusion electrical power tokamak demonstration reactor.

The Georgia Tech NRE4610 class undertook a study of the tokamak fusion DEMO in 2018. This study consisted of 1) a review of the international fusion literature on the fusion DEMO and supporting physics and technology studies, 2) the tabulation of REFERENCE parameters and materials recommended in various national DEMO studies, 3) the selection of a GUIDING set of DEMO parameters that would be realistically achievable within the next 1-2 decades and that would result in a demonstration of the practical production of electrical power by fusion, and 4) a preliminary performance analysis of such a tokamak fusion DEMO to confirm the consistency of the Guiding Parameters. The performance analysis was carried out in the three areas: 1) plasma physics; 2) plasma confinement technology; and 3) fusion nuclear technology.

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