Annual Report 2018-2019 released

The Annual Report 2018-2019 for the Georgia Tech Fusion Research Center has been released. Topics covered in this report include:

  1. Ion Orbit Loss of particles, momentum and energy.
  2. Particle Pinch & Pinch-Diffusion theory.
  3. Examination of the change in particle pinch, intrinsic rotation and electric field at the L-H transition.
  4. Radial pressure gradient related to VxB forces.
  5. Taking non-diffusive transport effects into account in interpreting diffusive transport coefficients.
  6. Solution of the 2D ion-impurity rotation equations in axisymmetric tokomak geometry using neoclassical gyroviscosity.
  7. A future 1D Transport code that conserves particles, energy and momentum by incorporating ion orbit loss and long-range electromagnetic pinch forces; includes the GTNEUT 2D neutrals code.
  8. An examination of alpha heating and burn control mechanisms for thermonuclear excursions.