Dr. Weston Stacey


StaceyWeston M. Stacey’s career spans 40+ years of research and teaching in nuclear reactor physics, fusion plasma physics and fusion reactor conceptual design—at Knolls Atomic Power Lab, Argonne National Lab and since 1977 at Georgia Tech. He led the international IAEA INTOR Workshop (1979-88) that evolved into the present ITER project to build and operate internationally the first experimental fusion power reactor, for which he was awarded the US Dept. of Energy Distinguished Associate Award and 2 DoE Certificates of Appreciation.  He is the author of more than 250 research papers and 7 books, for which he was elected to Fellowship in the American Nuclear Society and in the American Physical Society.  He is the recipient of several awards, among them the American Nuclear Society Seaborg Medal for Nuclear Research, Wigner Reactor Physicist Award, and Outstanding Achievement in Fusion Award; the Georgia Tech Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award; and the Sigma Xi Sustained Research Award.

Current Research

His current research interests include the physics of the plasma edge (edge pedestal structure, neutral atom recycling, density limiting thermal instabilities, L-H transition), the physics of plasma rotation and transport, and the conceptual design of sub-critical nuclear reactors with fusion neutron sources.  He collaborates as a member of the National DIII-D Tokamak Facility Team in the analysis and interpretation of experiments on the leading US tokamak.  He is guiding a series of student design projects and theses focused on developing the design concepts for sub-critical fast reactors, with tokamak fusion neutron sources based on near-term ITER physics and technology, that would close the nuclear fuel cycle.


PhD in Nuclear Engineering, MIT, 1966

MS in Nuclear Science (Physics), Georgia Tech, 1963

BS in Physics, Georgia Tech, 1959

Recent Publications

Contact Information

Email: weston.stacey@nullnre.gatech.edu

Phone: (404) 894-3714

Boggs Building, Rm 3-15