Max Hill


Max-HillMax is a PhD student in nuclear engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Max has always had a keen interest in the physical sciences, and became interested in nuclear and particle physics during his pursuit of a BS in Physics from the University of Utah. He also earned a commission as an Army Engineer Officer and subsequently deployed to Afghanistan as an IED Route Clearance Platoon Leader.

Current Research

Max’s primary research is in burning plasma dynamics, with emphasis on potential mechanisms for passive safety. He has also become interested in fast reactors, especially the fission-fusion hybrid Subcritical Advanced Burner Reactor (SABR) concept being developed in Georgia Tech’s Fast Reactor Research Group (FRRG). As a participant in the Ti:GER program at Georgia Tech, Max will be part of a team working on technology commercialization issues related to SABR.


MS in Nuclear Engineer, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016

MS in Finance, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, 2013

MBA, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, 2012

BS in Physics, University of Utah, 2007

Recent Publications

Hill, M., Stacey, W. (in press). Confinement Tuning of a 0-D Plasma Dynamics Model. Fusion Science and Technology