Research Overview Transmutation Reactors

Transmutation Reactors

Closing the nuclear fuel cycle requires 1) extracting the transuranics in spent nuclear fuel and using them as fuel in transmutation reactors, thereby reducing by orders of magnitude the long-lived transuranics that must be buried in waste repositories that must be secured for tens to hundreds of thousands of years, and 2) transmuting a large fraction of the > 99% of uranium that is U238 into plutonium and subsequently fissioning it to extract a large fraction of the energy content of uranium.  There appear to be some advantages to operating these transmutation reactors sub-critical with a neutron source.

The concept of a fast transmutation reactor driven by a tokamak D-T fusion neutron source that could be built on the basis of ITER physics and technology and ITER operating experience has been under development in a series of faculty-student conceptual design studies and student theses at Georgia Tech for the past several years.


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